How to Know If Sore Throat is Due to HIV/AIDs Infection

How to Know If Sore Throat is Due to HIV/AIDs Infection

One of the notable symptoms of HIV infection is flu-like changes it can cause on the body of the person who is newly infected. Some people especially people who are active sexually get worried easily whenever they start having sore throat or having some flu-like symptoms.

So in this article in line with a publication on NHS, we are going to have a look at how you can know if sore throat is due to HIV/AIDs infection. If you start having sore throat and would like to find out if it’s due to HIV infection, there are some subtle ways of determining the cause.

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How to Know If Sore Throat Is Due to HIV/AIDs Infection

There are certain symptoms that come alongside the sore throat if it’s due to HIV infection. Some of the signs you should look out for alongside the sore throat are;

1. Body pain or muscle ache that is not due to any hard work or labour. Unusual muscle ache alongside sore throat could be an indication that you have contracted the virus.

2. Fatigue or unusual tiredness.

3. Fever or catching cold alongside cold sores inside of the mouth. This is otherwise referred to as oral yeast infection and usually points to HIV infection.

So if alongside the sore throat, you also experience the above symptoms, there is a high chance you have the virus. But that’s not the only way to know if it’s due to the virus. Most Sore Throat don’t last too long before clearing off, but if your own sore throat and tiredness or muscle ache lasts for more than 2 weeks to even a month, then you may have contracted the HIV.

While you are experiencing the above symptoms, the body is trying to put up a fight against the virus thus the prolonged flu-like symptoms.

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