2023: PDP Has Lost Rivers State

2023: PDP Has Lost Rivers State

By: Charles Awuzie

This is like a 4-legged table losing 2 legs at the same time – Wike is one leg, Rivers State’s pocket is another leg.

Reno is doing damage control for a damage that has no control. Greed, Corruption and Tribalism damaged PDP.

And the APC should not think that they have gained Wike. No. Wike has nothing but disgust for the twin brother of PDP. Wike is going to play political wizardry in the 2023 election – he will be neither here or there but strategically smashing the head of dragons that brought Nigeria to her knees.

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Don’t expect him to publicly support PeterAhmed – No. But he will work against those working against Peter-Ahmed.

Atiku’s failure is sealed and banked. The blood of Deborah is crying out loud against Atiku. Until Atiku publicly apologize to Deborah, everything will continue to work against him.

If you love Atiku, pray that he doesn’t suffer a major health crisis before the elections. Pray that Okowa receives the strength to continue with the campaign if his principal gets weakened by the negative energies following him around.

If you love yourself, stay away from Atiku because he is carrying a negative energy of failure around him. He fails at everything he does. He failed as a father. He failed as a Vice President. He failed every time he contested to be President. He failed to unite his party. The only thing he succeeds in is inspiring tribal sentiments, buying delegates and having dozens of children.

You don’t need to love Peter Obi to know that the gods have anointed him. Wike was PDP’s pride, where’s he now?

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2023 will shock everyone. Rigging won’t be easy.

As e dey pain dem….. (Complete the sentence)

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