Peter Obi Forced Them By Chileem Ifeanyichukwu

Atiku, Wike

Peter Obi dragged the other candidates to a terrain and territory that they’re very unfamiliar with and they got LOST, mumbling and stuttering – ISSUES

He dragged them to the domain of ISSUES, and they lost out. It became dark and they can’t see.

He FORCED them to discuss ISSUES, and they can’t, they are lost.

He FORCED them to talk to the heart of the matter, to speak about what Nigerians really want, which has never happened before and they have nothing to say because they’re not used to saying anything serious during campaigns.

They’re used to talking trash, dancing and eating corn.

They are lost ooo! Somebody help o.

We are all used to watching them dance at political rallies, waving brooms and umbrellas, abusing other candidates and never saying anything meaningful that would inspire hope nor motivate the people…

They’re losing because they have no idea, no content, no political capital and totally bereft of plans on how to solve the problem of the country..

Peter Obi is dragging them very roughly on matters of national interest, and they are completely lost. They are experiencing a new style of politics. No wonder they are falling sick one after another. TINUBU was admitted in the UK, ATIKU now is admitted in France!

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Chai! 😄😄

Some of them have even tried to copy Peter Obi by quoting statistics, but unfortunately, they blundered because it’s not their area. They simply don’t have it. No wonder they resorted to tribal and religious politics but, unfortunately, the people are no longer buying into that.

Peter Obi has also forced Nigerians to start asking the tough questions. He has emboldened the people, and they now see him as their LEADER!

They see him as their LEADER against the thieving establishment that has kept them poor, economically fleeced, socially devastated and politically destitute.

Now, the people have woken up, the game has changed and the only person ready for the time is Mr Peter Obi.

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That’s why they hate him. That’s why they wish he wasn’t in the race. That’s why they hate the ObIdients and their modus operandi that is devastating the opposition strongholds, converting millions and paving the way for an overwhelming victory for the Labour Party in 2023.

That’s why they’re now playing the religion and tribal cards but guess what? It angers the people the more because they have seen the light. 🔥🔥

Peter Obi has opened their eyes to see reality and also to envision the future they’d have with his leadership.

Nigeria will never be the same again, not just in 2023 but beyond.

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After Peter Obi, the next election will throw up some smart minds we have across the country as the bar of excellence would be much higher after this.

Nigerians will reject mediocrity after seeing good governance. Going back to “Egypt” would be unthinkable hence, they’d seek out the people who would ensure that they remained on the right path initiated by Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti-Ahmed government.

It’s a new dawn in Africa.



Chileem Ifeanyichukwu,
Media Principality at rescue Nigeria

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