4 Things That Increase Your Risk Of Getting HIV

4 Things That Increase Your Risk Of Getting HIV

The human immune virus (HIV) is a viral infection that can be passed from an infected person to someone who isn’t infected through intercourse.

Some of the things that increase your risk of getting HIV are:

1. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

STIs commonly happen with HIV and can facilitate infection in many ways. Certain STIs like syphilis lead to ulcers that offer HIV easy access into the body. STIs also causes an inflammatory reaction that draws immune cells to the site of the infection, offering more CD4 T cells for the virus to target and hijack.

2. Douching

Female organ and anal douching strips tissues of mucus that offer some protection against HIV. There is an argument as to how much this can increase a person’s risk of infection, but the current proof suggests that anal douching is potentially concerning.

3. Multiple partners

Statistically, the more intimate partners you have, the greater opportunity there is to test positive for HIV. Moreso, a large intercourse network can expose you to different drug-resistant HIV strains that may not react as well to HIV medications.

4. Anal intercourse

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Anal intercourse is one of the most effective routes of spreading because rectal tissues are delicate and easily broken. Unlike the female organ, the rectal canal only has a single layer of cells overlying tissues that are rich in CD4 T cells.

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