Medication That Should Be Taken After Unprotected Intimacy With Someone to Prevent HIV

Medication That Should Be Taken After Unprotected Intimacy With Someone to Prevent HIV

Do you know that if you accidentally engage in unprotected copulation with someone about whom you know little to nothing about their medical history or HIV status, there is a drug that can assist you avoid contracting HIV? People infected with HIV who are taking retroviral medications may never show any outward signs of the disease.

While this may protect you from getting the disease yourself, it does not protect you from spreading it to others. The importance of being selective about sexual partners is heightened in light of this. There are times when we make poor decisions and get intimate with someone about whom we have no idea. In such a scenario, should you just leave your fate up to chance? In short, no. Taking down someone whose health status you don’t know requires immediate action, thus in this post we’ll examine the medication you should take right away after doing so.

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Is There Anything You Should Take After Unprotected Lovemaking?

You are strongly urged to promptly seek out pre-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) in light of the publication found on the CDC website as well as numerous other reputable health websites. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medicine should be taken within 72 hours of possible viral exposure.

Therefore, if you lay with someone you aren’t sure is healthy, either by accident or because of the intense emotions that accompany copulation, you should immediately find a licensed clinic and obtain the PEP to prevent HIV/AIDS. Evidence suggests that taking it early on, during the first 72 hours, can significantly lessen a person’s risk of contracting the virus. Don’t waste time worrying or second-guessing; just do what has to be done to stop the virus in its tracks.

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