A Candidate Can’t Say He’ll Fight Corruption When Everything Is Missing From The Office He left- Peter Obi

A Candidate Can't Say He'll Fight Corruption When Everything Is Missing From The Office He left- Peter Obi

With the race for the presidency now entering its most critical stages in Nigeria, the flag bearer of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Gregory Obi has come out to share his thoughts on how the masses can make an informed choice on who their next Commander-in-Chief will be ahead of the 2023 general elections.

While delivering a speech at the ongoing Voice of Women Conference and Awards 2022 in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the former Anambra governor pointed out that the central theme for the upcoming election would be an issue of trust, adding that the masses will have to decide on which candidate they trust well enough to deliver on the promises that they have made to the people when he or she is elected into office.

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According to him, the best way that decision can be made is for people to look back at the previous records of the candidates in the race to see which one of them kept their word in the past. Obi went on to assert that it is not enough for a candidate to vow that he would fight corruption when there were a series of embezzlement in the very public office they occupied previously.

“I have said that I will be committed, and you can go and check our pasts and be able to determine that in all of us (candidates), what we are selling today is; who should you trust? Who would do what he is saying? It is not enough for someone to come here and say, I will fight corruption when the last place he left, everything was missing. Let him tell us how he left that place,” Obi said.

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