Why Sen Osita Izunaso Is Best Suited For Orlu Senate

Osita Izunaso
By Nwamkpa Modestus 

Imo West (Orlu Zone) will on February 25, next year elect somebody that will stand in for them by way of representation at the senate. Actually, anybody can be elected to represent a people but it is a different kattle of fish when a people want a representative that is classical and top notch. And this is where Sen Osita Izunaso comes in. Orlu zone, is the highest zone in Imo, South East and among the biggest in the country. What USA is to the world, is what Orlu zone is to Imo state and South East. That is the zone with the highest number of LGAs in the entire South East geo political zone. The zone cannot afford to have anyhow person to represent her at the senate because all eyes are the zone.

Other zones are looking up to Orlu zone for direction and to show a good example. So this is where a man in the personage and gab of Sen. Osita Izunaso come in. This time is critical and the zone needs a notable voice and a visible face nationally as a senator. Orlu zone needs somebody who does not need introduction at the senate. Orlu zone requires to send somebody who really understands the business and not a person who will learn on the job. The zone cannot, under whatever petty political gerrymandering affords to disappoint the rest of the zones in Imo state and South East.

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In 2023, other zones will be sending their first class brains for the competition and Orlu zone must fellow suit. The best striker to Send for the political premiership in Abuja is Sen Izunaso. It is not for nothing that he is the only person with the richest resume. He was a former House of Rep member, a former Senator, a former and pioneer National Organizing Secretary of APC and a current Chairman of a federal Board among other National and state positions held. He is going to the senate next year with a rich experience. In all of these positions, Sen Izunaso showed class and competence. He distinguished himself and is known nationally.

The zone cannot look at somebody like Sen Izunaso who is a National Honours recipient; somebody with national clout and settle for less a personality. Senate is a place for big ‘boys’ where you must be profiled before you are placed. And where you are placed will determine to a large extent where your zone will be placed in terms of sharing the booty. That is why it is very important to be careful who to send for the job.

Granted, when preferable is not available, available can become preferable but in this case preferable is available and the preferable is Sen Izunaso OFR. You cannot settle for good when best is available. The truth is that Sen Izunaso towers over and above all his co contestants. I say this with every sense of responsibility.

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Above all, being in the same political party at the centre and at the state is a huge advantage particularly in terms of attracting dividends of democracy to your people. The way our democracy is practiced here, members of the ruling party at the legislative arm get certain favours than none members of the ruling party. So the zone must leverage on this and elect Sen Izunaso next year. There is huge gain in sending him to the senate. I think he is going to a familiar terrain and not sending somebody who will need to be taken around for others to know him.

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