Conditions That Make Men Grow Grey Hair Prematurely

Conditions That Make Men Grow Grey Hair Prematurely

Many men throughout the world deal with premature greying of the hair, a medical ailment that causes the hair to change color from black to white when the aging process has not yet begun. White hair is a natural part of aging for both sexes, although it is unusual to see it on men so young.

The four causes that cause males to develop gray hair at an early age are listed below, as described by Healthline.

One of the primary causes of graying hair in males before their time is their hereditary predisposition. They may have inherited the trait from their parents if they too went through it. This is especially true if such a thing runs in the family. To be fair, though, hereditary considerations also account for the fact that some men who are sixty years old don’t start developing white hair on their heads until they’re close to eighty years old.

Greying of the hair occurs more quickly in men who are under stress. Some medical disorders or ailments, such as early growth of white hair, make a guy look older than his actual age, and stress is a known contributor to these issues.

Premature or white hair development in males, especially young men, can be attributed to a number of factors, one of which being an unhealthy diet that lacks essential nutrients. Eating meals deficient in copper, zinc, and other minerals necessary for the production of the pigment that gives hair its black color also contributes to the problem.

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Fourth, premature or white hair sets in over time owing to prolonged usage of certain chemicals used to paint the hair on the head and beard for fashion sake and change its color.

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