Atiku In Fresh Scandal Over Us Trip In 2018

Atiku In Fresh Scandal Over Us Trip In 2018

Let’s start by mentioning a letter that is circulating online accusing the former vice president, Atiku Abubarkar, of failing to pay a firm for its services in obtaining a visa for the PDP presidential candidate during his electoral campaigns in 2018.

A portion of the letter reads that a whopping $5.9 million is owed for its services; wow, this seems crazy. According to the firm, the former VP exploited the visa to BUGA for Nigerians that he was eligible to travel to the United States.

This growing narrative is highly intriguing in that if Atiku could supposedly pay such a fortune only to obtain a visa, it reeks of desperation. It still begs the question, why would someone spend such billions just to obtain a visa and go for a few days’ visit? That cash could fund the development of a Local Government in Adamawa State as well as empower thousands of Nigerians and make their lives more valuable now.

Even the firm that is seeking these enormous sums of money ought, to be honest with Nigerians about the services that they really provided to Atiku in exchange for their outrageous demands, which could finance the budgets of certain local government councils.

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They must explain to Nigerians how many people the amount covered, and we must know if the amount includes bribes to cover up a criminal case. Nigerians are not fools; if Atiku could spend such in 2018, how much did he spend on his most recent trip to the United States, taking inflation and the current rate of the dollar into account?

Nigerians have started a thread on this alarming development, which not only depicts enormous waste and covert objectives by the PDP presidential candidate, but they also claim that nothing could be more desperate than this.

As we await formal clarification of this troubling trend from the PDP as a party, Atiku as a presidential candidate, and the firm seeking payment for its client, here are a few social media reactions to the incident.

“E Don Leak, See Desperation o, Atiku wan finish us , wetin e go  there go do wey he spend only that one for Visa, wetin he go chop no dey there oh, Even Saraki cut no dey there,  talkless of the money wey dem go take do LOU LOU , chai Atiku finished Nigeria when he was VP and he say he wan come back… God forbid bad thing” Musa from Kwara.

“Imagine how people could be this wasteful, if this is true, Nigerians should open their eyes and know the kind of leaders to elect as President, Atiku has only proved he is too desperate, and the way he is going, he will crash the PDP very soon.” Emeka Obasi.

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Hear Omotayo Adebayo on Facebook,”5.9m(approximately 6m dollars) to become an ordinary adimeru that lasted just for 24hrs……..chai”

Oladejo Oluwaseun also on Facebook was more direct,” What kind of Visa costs as much as $6M if not that certain issues were settled behind the curtain so that he wouldn’t be arrested. What kind of Country is this that is presenting people with questionable characters to represent the collective interest?”

Na wah, me I still don’t believe this narrative because if it’s true, we’ve truly missed out as a nation.
Please share your thoughts on what services cost $6 million USD for a visa, and what you would do with $6 million USD if you were granted it.

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Atiku In Fresh Scandal Over Us Trip In 2018
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