Peter Obi’s Kinsmen Mock Him, Say They’ll Crush Labour Party In 2023

Peter Obi

The people of Anaocha Local Government Area in Anambra State, where the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi hails from, have vowed to reject him and his party in 2023 elections. They described the former Governor of Anambra State as a social media candidate, adding that the area has always been a People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) strong hold.

The 21 LG coordinators met yesterday with the Presidential Management Committee,(PCMC) office in Awka, to deliberate on the way forward for Atiku-Okowa ticket. The coordinator from Obi’s Local Government Adilieje Ugochukwu, said that Anaocha had always been PDP; regardless of whether Peter Obi was running, while assuring that the council area would still be delivered to the PDP.

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“We were in the party before Peter OBI joined us when he left APGA. And PDP was already formidable and winning elections. His decision to leave after many years of benefiting from PDP and to pursue his personal ambitions cannot impact the party negatively. Peter Obi never consulted his political family before his decision to leave; for him, it was his personal ambition, and such cannot be binding on us all as we have our own personal ambition, which is for PDP to win in next year’s election and in other elections.

Do not be scared of anyone; we are in this to win. Our mandate is Atiku, and we’ll crush anyone standing in our way. We cannot allow our people to continue to be victims of emotions and sentiment. We are members of the PDP and must own up to our party and her presidential candidate and ensure that he wins in our local government and state. Peter OBI is only popular on social media and not in Anaocha. Anyone can organize a rally where every Tom Dickinson and Harry Potter will attend, but on the day of the election, the real voters will cast their votes accordingly. Peter Obi’s personal decision cannot be binding on us,” he said.

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Chuma Ezeafurukwe, from Chief Chris Uba’s Aguata, and others, said the appointment of Prof Obiora Okonkwo, as the PDP campaign coordinator in Anambra, had rejuvenated the PDP in the State, saying they were confident of delivering results. The 21 local government coordinators of the PDP Presidential Management Committee and the candidates of the party had reiterated their desire to ensure that Anambra State was delivered to Atiku Abubakar and Senator Ifeanyi Okowa in the 2023 general elections.

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