AWO MI: Taking African cinema back to Africans

AWO MI : Taking African cinema back to Africans

When Ousman Sembene of Senegal (1923 – 2007) produced the first known professional African movie in Africa, BOROM SARRET in 1963 his motive was not in doubt: indigenization of film making practice. After then, the African cinema has come up with interesting movies in African languages and then using the English language vehicle, obviously for wider recognition and acceptance due to the level of African development and civilisation at that time.
Africa has now moved beyond that stage.

In this age and time when African languages and cultural practices are going extinct, there is serious need for revitalisation of the indigenous African concerns. This task is before true Africans who are proud of who they are, what they believe, where they come from, the colour of their skin and of course, the language they speak.
Movie makers in Africa and of African origin should indeed see film also as a complementary channel for the preservation of African languages and propagation of our cultural values.

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African cultural values have proven to be a limitless source material for film creation. It will make a lot of sense if Africans tell their stories the way they are, in their own indigenous languages via well researched movies. The new trend is now on. Join African movie producers in returning African cinema back to African languages.

The movie: AWO MI, produced by THOMPSON MAKOLO JNR tells an indeginous story using the people’s language, original and appropriate costumes, exact locations all showing aesthetic appreciation of the IGALA TRADITION. Have you heard of the IGALA people, the ATTAH their revered king and what the people value most?

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AWO MI ….. Coming soon.
( Produced in Igala and subtitled in English)

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