It Is Quite Shameful, Soludo’s Interview Exposes His Bitterness For Peter Obi

It Is Quite Shameful, Soludo’s Interview Exposes His Bitterness For Peter Obi

By: Akinaka Richard

“I have tried not to make political comments because I have my mind decided on what part to take for the progress of this country. However, one cannot keep quiet anymore at the level of disinformation and efforts people make to damage the chances of a man whose ambition seems to be the only hope to the younger generation.

It is quite Obvious Soludo is all out to thwart Obi’s chances may be because they may have promised him to be president after them.

What he should understand is that no one can stop what God has programmed.

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Mr. Soludo’s interview exposes his bitterness for Obi hence the blindness of his sense of reasoning.


Did Obi just saved money or did he work for his people and save also?

If not for Obi’s Savings, will Obiano, Soludo’s predecessor had the kind of money he met to work?

Has Soludo ever imagine the value of the dollar component of that investment in today’s economy?

Yes, sometimes investment can fail because of prevailing economic indices and inflation which we have now that is not of Obi’s doing but the genuine intentions and integrity of Obi cannot be denied.

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We are in a country where most of the outgoing governors make every efforts to deplete state resources for themselves through different means including insensitive pensions bills and Soludo has the temerity to discredit such an unprecedented act by Obi because of his mirage of becoming president after those he is working for who have no chances of winning.

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