No President Can Solve Nigeria Problem Without Doing This

No President Can Solve Nigeria Problem Without Doing This

Nigeria problem is not really about leadership but of structural anomaly brought about by a failed constitution of 1979 and amended in 1999…This is the reason why any elected president will never make any viable progress because the present constitution is very inimical to the progress of Nigeria.

Even if Jesus comes down to rule Nigeria, he will definitely restructure the entire failed system first before assuming power because even the scriptures attest in the books of psalms 11vs3 “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

As 2023 approaches, rather than drumming up support for any candidate or any party, Nigerians should clamor for a total overhaul of the 1979/99 constitution that has stagnated the country for several years because in my opinion, no matter who gets there, no substantial progress can ever be made with the present structure and we will only keep going round and round in circles for many years to come.

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More saddening is that the leaders in political offices know this but have vehemently refused to do anything about it simply because the present unproductive structure comes with so much largesse for them.

Nigerians should come together to demand that the country returns to the 1960/63 constitution which reflects true federalism with regions as federating units or restructure the present system to allow True federation.

This will end the economic stagnation of many years, accelerate national growth, put an end to the clamor for secession and foster the unity of Nigeria thereby making her more productive, more powerful and more dominant on the global economic scene.

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Before the next President embarks on any task, restructuring must be done else all his efforts will be futile and will end up like his predecessors.

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