PDP Crisis: Why Is Atiku Afraid To Let Ayu Go? 

PDP Crisis: Why Is Atiku Afraid To Let Ayu Go? 

An African adage says that the one who kills people with sword does not allow someone else go past his back with a sword.

This adage correctly explains why Atiku is scared to let Ayu resign and allow Wike group produce PDP chairman.

But do you know why he’s afraid? Some do, while some don’t. Now, for the benefit of those who don’t, I’ll try to give this little background.

In the run on to the 2015 presidential election, Atiku, Amaechi, Sule Lamido, Saraki, Babaginda Aliyu, etc, became the aggrieved members of PDP when it became obvious that Jonathan was going to seek re-election; something the north vehemently resisted because they felt it was their turn.

Now, to placate this group, Jonathan conceded the chairmanship of the party to them which led to the ouster of Bamanga Tukur who was the party chairman then, for Adamu Muazu.
After succeeding in installing Adamu, the aggrieved group christened themselves New PDP (nPDP) and eventually left the party for the newly formed APC.

[b]But their secret agent, Adamu Muazu, remained in PDP and Goodluck Jonathan eventually got the PDP ticket and Adamu was in charge of logistics for Jonathan’s reelection bid.

Needless to say that every plan of the PDP towards winning the 2015 election was supplied, in toto, to the rival APC. No surprises that as INEC was announcing the result of the presidential election, Adamu Muazu was on the next available flight out of the country because he feared Jonathan might come after him. Adamu did not return to Nigeria until sometimes around 2018.

Now, like deja vu, Atiku is seeing the script they played on Jonathan about to be played on him.

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Like the nPDP installed the party Chairman before leaving in 2015, the G5 are making similar demand in preparation for 2023, and no one knows what their next move will be even if Atiku accedes to their demand.

Atiku is likely scared that if he surrenders the party leadership to Wike and his men, they might grab the party structure and sabotage his chances from within just like they did to Jonathan.

And as it stands today, Atiku seems fried no matter which side he swings. If he decides to call the bluff of the G5, he’s fried; especially as the G5 seems poised to sign a new member and increase their number. If he decides to accede to the demands of the G5, he’s fried because that would be like handing your scrotum to the enemy’s hand.

We hear IBB has been drafted to broker peace but let’s see what that yields and who blinks first.

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