Leave Soludo to play his ludo games – Charles Novia

Leave Soludo to play his ludo games - Charles Novia

“My last post on Governor Soludo a couple of days back stated that he was being politically mischievous.

My thoughts on that haven’t changed, even with his latest letter against Peter Obi.

Of course, Soludo wrote that letter. It’s his style of expression and there’s is no doubt about it that he wrote it.

However, he’s playing to a gallery where only he hears the drums for dancers who dance out of steps with two left legs.

That’s what people who are called ‘opposite people’ as termed by Fela Kuti, are good at doing.

Soludo, in the matter concerning Peter Obi, is an opposite person and I don’t think much time should be wasted on his letter or his inconsequential thoughts.

He, like the alliances he has chosen to make for 2023, is shortsighted about the political tsunami about to happen through Peter Obi and he will see it happen.

What Soludo has done though, is an attempt (perhaps inadvertently) to draw attention away from the trending story that one of the Presidential candidates had a drug conviction abroad years ago. The supporters of that candidate will happily push the inconsequential quotes by Soludo as a distraction from their principal in the next few days.

But it won’t change anything. Soludo has only an opinion and in the political war room, he has no influence to push even one hundred votes against an Obi.

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Those who will vote and push Peter Obi into Aso Rock in 2023, are waiting for February 2023 to prove their point.

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