Peter Obi Sworn To Ojukwu That He Would Quit Politics The Day He Leaves APGA – Soludo

Peter Obi Sworn To Ojukwu That He Would Quit Politics The Day He Leaves APGA - Soludo

The Anambra State Governor and the former Central Bank Of Nigeria governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo has spoken exclusively about the 2023 election and the chances of his brother and friend, Peter Obi in the election. Soludo in a long article in which he titled, ‘History Beckons On Us And I Will Not Be Silent’ He unraveled some deep secrets on how Peter Obi allegedly betrayed the APGA party and failed to fulfill the promises in which he made to the late General Ojukwu. 

Soludo alleged that Peter Obi is guilty of giving the Igbos false hopes whenever he’s contesting for a position in office. He made an emphasis to how Peter Obi when he was vice president to Atiku in 2019, termed their aspiration as an Igbo Project to the Ohanaeze group. According to the Governor, he was against that word edifice and it eventually didn’t work out. 

He said, ”The same Peter Obi was one of those who told Ndigbo that APGA was the vehicle through which Igbos would organize to engage the rest of Nigeria politically. He was said to have sworn to Ojukwu and publicly that he would quit politics the day he leaves APGA. The rest is history. When he was the Vice Presidential candidate under PDP in 2018, the emotive train then dubbed the ticket ”The Igbo Project.” As then Chairman of planning and strategy committee of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, I cautioned for a more pragmatic approach but the emotive blaze of the time held sway. We were vindicated afterwards.”

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