Reasons Soludo’s Credentials As An Economist Need To Be Reviewed

Reasons Soludo’s Credentials As An Economist Need To Be Reviewed

1. Soludo as an economist and former governor of Central Bank has disappointed his profession for discrediting savings and investments made by Mr Peter Obi on behalf of Anambra Government.

2. Soludo has proven to be a partner in crime with his predecessor for not questioning the where over N75 billion left in cash at various state government accounts. He has no problem with what happened to the money but has a problem with why the money was left in the first place.

3. If a man left a thriving investment to his successor, it is left for him to uphold, terminate or grow the investment. The then-governor had no problem with the investment but Soludo now has because he may simply be planning to leave an empty treasury.

4. Money is not saved because today’s problems have finished, money is saved because we need to secure the future.

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5. The best way to secure victory for your party is not to blackmail but to compete positively by aligning with good ideas and persons.

6. Anambrarians are waiting for the transformation of Anambra to become another DUBAI according to your promise. It is time to begin to focus on delivering the dividends of good governance to Anambra people.

7. If I were Soludo whose party, APGA, has no presidential candidate, I would have worked with my party leadership to adopt Peter Obi as our candidate without mincing words. But it is obvious that the fathers and sons of darkness have paid Soludo a night visit possibly with a bullion van in their convoy.

8. Why is the governor so envious of legacy? Does he not know that 99% of Governors do not make use of up to 60% of Federal allocation and IGR in building the state which is why some become richer than their states? Why not applaud a man who chose to save than to steal?

9. It has been foretold that some of Peter Obi’s kinsmen will fight against his ambition, I wasn’t thinking in the direction of Soludo who should be proud that Peter Obi, who hails from his state, is making it to Aso Rock!

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10. It is time to understand that Nigeria needs Peter Obi. No amount of mud-throwing can change the revolution in view. The only way forward for Soludo is to become OBIDIENT.

I come in peace!

Jude SC Asogwa, the convener, Christian Volunteers for Better Nigeria, CVBN.

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