Enugu 2023: Frank Nweke Jr Makes Promises On Security, Agriculture, Health And More

Enugu 2023: Frank Nweke Jr Makes Promises On Security, Agriculture, Health And More

The APGA Gubernatorial Candidate, Frank Nweke Jr, flagged off his Ward Tours on Friday, November 18, choosing to start from home in Ozalla.

He was welcomed with pomp, drums and colour gyration as the rays of hope for Enugu State shone along with the Eastern Sun just after noon.

Frank, not one to shy away from music and dance, joined his people in the merriment while going around to greet everyone as has become his custom.

For Ozalla, and indeed, the other three wards that welcomed the APGA team today, the 2023 elections are beyond politics. It is an opportunity to clean the slate and begin rewriting the story of ndi Enugu.

Just as they danced with passion, they also listened intently as Frank shared some of his plans with them. Without holding back, they also demanded answers to concerns that they nursed as well.

Also with him were the chairman of APGA, Enugu State, Ndubuisi Enechionyia and the APGA House of Representatives Candidates representing Enugu North and South Federal Constituency, Nonso Nnamani and Nkanu East & Nkanu West Federal Constituency, Dickson Orji.

As the APGA train moved from Ozalla to Akaegbe Ward 1, Obuofia and Amodu, Nweke spoke on issues of insecurity, health, agriculture, education, job creation and care of the elderly.

At Ozalla, he easily pointed out the Closed-Circuit TVs that hung on two solar-powered light poles on both ends of the compound where the meeting was held. He and some Ozalla sons and daughters had come together to provide the installations as a way to improve security in the area.

“This is what we have done as private citizens. Imagine what my administration will do once we get into office. The safety of all of you is a priority.” He said.

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He went on to share other plans he had for security, including working with traditional rulers and town unions to improve intelligence gathering.

Nweke spoke convincingly about his relationship with the Federal Level of the government, citing it as one of the reasons he will be able to engage the statutory security services effectively and improve the attention given to Enugu State.

He also said this will also be useful in attracting other important advantages to the State. For example, as Minister, he was instrumental in securing N38.5 Billion for the Water Corporation in the 2000s and another N1 Billion towards the construction of roads in the State. He underscored that his ability to attract projects into the State would be one of his differentiating factors as a governor.

He spoke extensively on Agriculture, sharing that his administration will ensure that every centre set up for the purpose of improving the lives of farmers would be effective in delivering the promises made to them. His plans include providing them with capacity-building programmes, improved seedlings and fertiliser, equipment and more, working through their co-operatives. He also noted that in partnership with established Agro-companies, he would ensure farmers are able to sell their produce as they expand production in quantity and in the types of crops they plant. His first goal was ensuring food security and then, economic empowerment.

On health, Nweke spoke about the importance of primary healthcare and why it was important to him that they got it right at the preventative level. He highlighted the need to improve the conditions of doctors and nurses working at the health centres and general hospitals, promising that there will be a marked upgrade once he gets into office.

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In the same vein, he was particular about Primary School education, promising that teachers would be treated with utmost priority and just like he ensured digital access for schools, he would ensure that Schools get the upgrades they need and basic education was made available for all children.

To the elderly, he promised to ensure that centres for the elderly were provided and stipends made available through their local authorities. Nweke was firm in saying that all arms of his administration would perform optimally to deliver on every promise made to the people.

In Akaegbe Ward 1 and Obuofia especially, he noted that their roads needed to be salvaged and through the Strategic Road Construction and Rehabilitation Programme, he would ensure the roads are appropriately prioritised and get the needed work done.

He also threw in the fact that water access in the rural areas would receive upgrades depending on the needs of the communities, as his goal was to ensure ease of access for every resident.

For each one of these projects, he said members of the community will be given the necessary skills upgrade to benefit from the jobs that will be created as each sector gets an upgrade. His approach was to ensure that the people are able to serve their communities productively without needing to move into the urban areas before earning a good living.

One significant thing about Frank Nweke Jr’s plans remains the simplicity of it and the way every sector connects to the other and how he constantly talks about changes in local administration because of the leadership he will provide at the State level. He is also particular about collaborating at all levels to ensure every person in the State has equal access to the development his administration is billed to bring.

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Frank has said he will not promise what he cannot give – a man of integrity and courage in a space where lies and empty promises thrive.

The ball is in the court of the voters. Do ndi Enugu want promises that have nothing to stand on or do we want someone who will deliver the foundational things that we can build on?

As Ndubuisi Enechionyia, the Chairman of APGA, Enugu said in his remarks at Amodu, “We must wake up and take back what is ours from those who try to bribe us with what they have stolen from us. Let us vote for a man whose desire is the well-being of the people. Let us vote Frank and vote APGA – nke a bu nke anyi”

Nkemdili Mgbanwe
Volunteer Writer, Okeifufe Media Team.

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