ANSEC Awards The Construction And Reconstruction Of More Roads

ANSEC Awards The Construction And Reconstruction Of More Roads
  • Achina-Onneh-Ogboji Road
  • Selected Isuofia Roads
  • Ifite Ogwari Road
  • Savinovo-Umuofor-Bright Street/Nkpor-Umuhu – Ubahuezike Road
  • Nnokwa-Adazi Enu-Akwaeze Road

Anambra State Executive Council (ANSEC) has awarded more competitively bidded contracts to construct two new roads and reconstruct three (3) dilapidated ones in the State.

The first is the Achina-Onneh-Ogboji road with a total length of 7.80 kilmetres and width of 7.3 meters. The work will be done by IDC Construction Company Ltd at the cost of N4,950,000,000.00 and would be completed within 12 months from the date of mobilization.

Selected Isuofia roads were awarded to Stefanutti Stocks Hapel Ltd at cost of N5,310,000,000.00. The roads length which total 9.842 kilometres with an average width of 7.3 meters will be completed in 12 months.
The reconstruction of Ifite-Ogwari road with spur of Ifite-Ogwari was awarded to New Idea Construction Ltd at the cost of N600,790,178.28. The job will be finished within 4 months from mobilization.

Savinovo-Umuofor-Bright Street/Nkpor-Umuhu-Ubahuezike road was split between two contractors for speedy completion of the construction work. Rojel Nigeria Ltd got 4.03 kilometres of the road while Hammakopp Consortium Ltd got 4.26 kilometres and the road has an average width of 7.3 meters. Rojel will complete its own part of the job in 6 months at the cost of N1,540,512,551.80 while Hammakopp will complete its own at the cost of N1,719,472,617.91 in 4 months.

ANSEC also revalidated the construction works on Nnokwa-Adazi Enu-Akwaeze road at the revised cost of N2,900,654,846.00. The contract is awarded to Benejaf International Ltd who is expected to complete it within 12 months.

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All the contractors will be paid 30% of the contract sum as material advance, backed by an advance payment guarantee from a reputable bank with a branch in Anambra State.


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