Peter Obi Apologize To Us For Using Our Room – Paul Okoye

Peter Obi Apologize To Us For Using Our Room - Paul Okoye

It’s no secret that Psquare members Peter and Paul Okoye are voting for Labour Party candidate Peter Obi in the upcoming presidential election. Peter Okoye (Mr. P), in a recent meeting with some Labour Party followers, remembered their initial encounter with Peter Obi, then the governor of Anambra State, some 12 years ago.

Mr. P claims that they spent the night at a motel in anticipation of performing the following day. Room was in use, but occupant took far longer than intended, forcing them to wait hours.

A security guard greeted them when they checked in and informed them that their governor, Peter Obi, was staying at the hotel. Mr. P told the security guards that they would do it another day because he was too exhausted from a long day of work.

A little while later, the security guard knocked on the door and explained that Peter Obi had been the one staying in their room and that he wanted to apologize personally before leaving.

He told his brother about the information from the security guard and got his permission to go meet Peter Obi. While waiting for his sibling to arrive, Peter Obi knocked on the door and was let in.

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According to him, Peter Obi explained the delay and apologized to them. Mr. P claims that this meeting was their first time meeting Peter Obi and the beginning of their relationship.

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