I Noticed That Obidients Now Mention Tinubu’s Name More Than Peter Obi’s Name On Social Media – Adamu Garba

I Noticed That Obidients Now Mention Tinubu's Name More Than Peter Obi's Name On Social Media - Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba was asked several questions about the ongoing APC campaign rallies going on in several places in Nigeria. He said that the campaigns are going well and the APC is still very ready for the presidential election in February 2023.

While the interview was going on in Arise News, Adamu Garba was asked about how they (the APC) feel about Nigerians mocking Tinubu because of the words he makes during campaigns. He was also asked whether the APC is strong enough to battle the Obidients in the social media war between the two opponents.

While referring to Peter Obi’s supporters he said, “I have noticed that the Obidients now mention Tinubu’s name more than they mention Peter Obi’s name on social media, they now mention his name all over social media“. He said that Tinubu has shut down many places in Nigeria during his campaign rally, including the southeast states like Ebonyi.

He also said that Peter Obi is better off as a shop manager than being the president of Nigeria. He said that he’s a young man, and he’s seen that Tinubu has all it takes to become the president of Nigeria, and he alone can make Nigeria great, no one else, Adamu Garba said.

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