Ndigbo Lacking Credible Leaders – Bianca Ojukwu

Ndigbo Lacking Credible Leaders – Bianca Ojukwu

Bianca, wife of the late Igbo warlord, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, has said that there are no more credible leaders in Igboland.

Bianca, who spoke at the 11th edition of Dim Ojukwu Memorial Day on Saturday in Owerri, the Imo State capital, noted since the death of Dim Ojukwu, Ndigbo has been lacking credible leaders who would speak for them.

“Until 2023 we will remember that power has fallen when Dim Ojukwu died. We miss him particularly in Igboland. Why do we miss him? It is because in Igboland today we have deficit of credible leaders.What we have today in Igboland are men who are not men.

“What we have today is one man down, one less competitor. That is why what is happening today in the country we don’t have men who can stand up to speak for Ndigbo,” she said.

She also decried the killings in Igboland.

“At no time of the history of our people do we have the type of criminalities and criminals as we see on daily basis in Igboland. Even during the war, we never heard or seen that people came out with knives to slice the throat and neck of another human being with pride.

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“This is what we are seeing and why are we seeing it? We are seeing it because the general perception of not only the Igbo youths but entirety of Nigeria youths is that Nigeria has become a crematorium of dreams. That Nigeria has become a premature restive place of hopes and aspirations and the youths look around and see nothing but wasteland.

“Come to the Southeast, there is today lack of Federal presence, no industries. So how can you earn a legitimate living when the system has completely collapsed.

“We are suffering a total system failure in economy, security, when a government can no longer guarantee lives and safety on the property and investments of the citizens.”

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