If Tinubu Wins In 2023, We Are All Losers

If Tinubu Wins In 2023, We Are All Losers

By: James Ogunjimi

One of the most foolish things I’ve heard is Tinubu supporters saying “we will teach you politics in 2023”.

You want to use the lives of over 200 million Nigeroans to “teach politics”?

You are pushing for a sick, incoherent criminal with no history of honest work to win just so you can say “I told you so”?

Listen, if Tinubu wins in 2023, we are all losers. All of us.

Even you that you are pushing for him to win here, you are a big loser.

It should be the height of madness to work hard all your life, shun crime, teach your children to choose honesty and hope they don’t turn criminals.

Only for you yourself to be actively campaigning and rooting for a criminal with no history of honest work for President.

There’s no excuse for this.

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Even if Peter Obi wasn’t running, you should be ashamed, if there’s any decency left in you, to campaign for someone like Tinubu for President.

You say Peter Obi is a liar.

You say he invested government money in private businesses and the proceeds are going back to government.

Let us assume that all these are true. He would still be 100 times better than Atiku or Tinubu.

If lying is the only vice Nigerian leaders have, this country would not be where it is today.

That’s why it’s ridiculous when people say “all these politicians are the same” when it comes to justifying why they are supporting Tinubu.

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How is lying and being a bag man for drug syndicates, having no traceable history of legitimate work or childhood the same thing?

If you want to be dishonest, chest it. Don’t hide under “all these politicians are the same” because everyone can see they are not.

If Tinubu wins in 2023, we should all bow our heads and weep.

You wonder why children say they want to grow up to be internet fraudsters (Mo fe se Yahoo) but would gladly campaign for a man who has no history of legitimate work and is a drug lord for President?

What’s there for children to aspire to? Why should anyone choose to work legitimately? Why not do Yahoo? Why not cut corners?

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Why work hard and honestly when you can commit crime, not do honest work once in your life and still become President one day?

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. 🚶🏻‍♂️


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