S-East Under Security Threats – Barr, Odo Cries Out

S-East Under Security Threats - Barr, Odo Cries Out

A Rights-Based Lawyer and the Enugu State Publicity Secretary of Labour Party, Barr. Titus Onuora Odo has cried out over the heightening spate of insecurity in the country more especially, Enugu State. While fielding questions from newsmen in Enugu, the renowned lawyer who is also a community leader, a social crusader and a youth empowerment Advocate described the security situation in the country as alarmingly disturbing. In his words, he said,” I’m particularly miffed at the heightening and alarming security situation in the country today. It is gradually getting out hand. Some South Eastern States are under imminent security threats, more especially Enugu State that had hitherto been reputed to be the most peaceful, the most calm and the most serene State in the country. Co-ordinated and unprovoked attacks are exponentially on the increase. Kidnapping for ransome has become a regular signature of the herders. Mindless killings are on the rise. To say the least, the entire country is enmeshed in a firebox of insecurity.

Speaking further on the issue, Barr. Onuora who was apparently exasperated and agitated by the ugly situation posited that the security situation has ignited palpable fears and apprehensions in some quarters to the extent that it’s being speculated that 2023 general elections may not hold in some places if drastic measures are not urgently put in place to the meet the exigent demands of our security challenges. I have my reservations over the security issue as it could pose as a threat to the 2023 polls, Barr Odo posited. You can observe that the voters are already apprehensive due to the security situation. If something urgent and drastic is not done to to curtail and contain the seemingly explosive situation, I assure you that chances are rife that the election may not take place in some places, Barr Odo opined. He urged the politicians to demonstrate their statesmanship and patriotism by playing by the rules of the game before, during and after the polls. Anything less than a level playing field for all the political actors would spell doom.
While advising the government on the possible solutions, Odo decried the recent deployment of all manner of security outfits by the Governor ranging from the military, para-military, strike force otherwise known as ebubeagu to Igbo-eze north local government Area and urged the government of the day to review and reconsider their position as the step has proven to be counter productive. As a matter of fact, the situation has degenerated in the last one month to a point of concern. From the look of things, I seriously doubt if the Governor receives proper, accurate and right briefings on the developments in Igbo-eze north. If he does get prompt and accurate briefings on the ugly security developments in Igbo-eze north and he keeps quite, it means he is not getting it right. He has brace up for the task of securing and protecting lives and property. It’s his primary responsibility. Without mincing words, scores of innocent people have been murdered in cold blood, many have deserted their homes and many have abandoned their farms. It’s really sad and disheartening to see old and aged parents who should be resting in their old age to be running helter skelter, scampering for safety. I can not and will not be silent in calling a spade a spade. Innocent people are being slaughtered like goats by the authorities who are constitutionally assigned to protect and preserve lives and property. I can not keep quiet in the face of all these shenanigans because I’m in the business of saying the truth and fighting for the oppressed. What’s the essence of life if I can not speak for the voiceless knowing full well that in an unjust society, silence is a crime. It’s time to jettison the language of euphemism.

On a note of finality, Barr. Odo emphasized on multi-stakeholder approach and urged the government to take up the gauntlet and rise to the occasion by galvanizing all the critical stakeholders such as traditional rulers, elders- in-Council, religious leaders, the youths, the military and para-military, strike force otherwise known as ebubeagu and so on to chart a course and strike a common ground, he concluded.

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