Change Your Ways Or Prepare For Revolution In Two Years – Olisa Metuh Cautions Political Class

Change Your Ways Or Prepare For Revolution In Two Years - Olisa Metuh Cautions Political Class

Chief Olisa Metuh, a former spokesman of the PDP has urged the Nigeria’s political class to change their ways or prepare for revolution.

Mr Metuh in a statement said the revolution will happen in two years if the political class continues to showcase rascality and impunity; wanton abuse of influence, power and position “particularly in the midst of the near collapse of our economy and rising insecurity in our country.”

The statement reads in part; “The entire political class must stop this tomfoolery and listen to the drumbeat by the ordinary Nigerians. Nigerians are tired of the lack of empathy by the political class who continue to abuse their positions and exploit the national resources for their lavish merrymaking while the nation burns.

As a non-partisan statesman, it is imperative that I again caution our political class to, as a matter of urgent national importance, change their ways and cleanse their acts. This persistent assault on the sensibilities of Nigerians if not immediately halted may trigger a situation that may be worse than the October 2020 EndSARS protest with dire consequences in the polity.

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Truth be told, Nigerians have suffered a lot; they are suffering with burning indignation against politicians and their families and, God forbid, such indignation has the propensity to trigger a revolution and complete anarchy within one year of the general elections, if our political class fail to cleanse its ways.

It is instructive that the Senators involved show remorse by apologizing to Nigerians while the Presidency takes strong steps to ensure that such abuse does not occur again.

For emphasis, Nigerians are not ready to condone any government, post May 29, 2023, that will continue to use or hire private jets, maintain guest houses, use long and exotic convoys or indeed use government resources to fund their excesses.

All those holding or aspiring for public offices must therefore brace up and be ready for transparency and integrity in office or steer clear of such public responsibilities.

I believe that Nigeria is destined to be great and I also believe that we have men of honour, integrity and passion for our nation who can fix our country and move it to greater heights.

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Nigerians must therefore do their part to save our country by supporting only candidates that will work for the interest of the nation and not be driven by mundane desire for monetary gains, gratifications and lust for political appointments.”

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