2023: Seun Reveals Qualities of Nigeria’s Next President, Says We Must Vote the Best

2023: Seun Reveals Qualities of Nigeria's Next President, Says We Must Vote the Best

In the spirit of the electioneering campaigns and preparation for the 2023 presidential elections, popular Channels Television’s political correspondent and multiple-award-winning political and investigative journalist, Mr. Seun Okinbaloye, has recently revealed the kind of presidential candidate he and Nigerians ought to vote for.

In a short video clip posted on Charly Boy’s official Twitter platform, Mr. Okinbaloye disclosed that next year’s election was make-or-break for the future of the nation. He also emphasised that since private companies select the best hands to run their affairs, the same must apply to the presidential office, adding that governors in the 36 states of the federation should be elected in a likewise manner.

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Here’s the transcript from the video: “Like a proverb says, knees on our necks, this nation is choking; there is a shortage of air.” We need to allow this nation to thrive. “This nation cannot be taken as a private enterprise anymore.”

Speaking to wake Nigerians up to exercise their franchise, he said, “The nation belongs to all of us, and this time around, no sitting on the fence; we must speak up to rescue this nation.”

Furthermore, Mr. Okinbaloye said, “This nation cannot make a mistake with the choice of its next leader.” It is a must that we get it right. If you employ the best hands to run your private companies, we should have the best of us run the affairs of this nation. We must get leadership right, not only at the centre but across the states. Knowledge, crisis management skills, character and integrity, vision and courage to make tough decisions, effective communication skills, and the ability to unite the nation—”leaders who cannot show these traits cannot be hired.”

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