Why APC Will Come 3rd And Hence Lose 2023 Presidential Election

Why APC Will Come 3rd And Hence Lose 2023 Presidential Election

1. Muslim-muslim ticket: Because of the muslim Muslim ticket, APC will lose 80% of Christian votes (estimated to be over 30 million voting strength

2. Tinubu factor: a) Even if APC wants to deny it, it is a fact that Tinubu is sick, weak, and incoherent. This fact is pervasive across the length and breadth of Nigeria. The Northerners perceive Tinubu as a disaster waiting to happen.
b) Tinubu’s record of fraudulent life, childhood, educational records, and fraud does not align at all with the values of the true “talakawas” of the North, hence the followership that Buhari enjoys up North is totally eroded.

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3) APC’s dismal performance: No matter how anyone wants to look at it, APC messed up Nigeria. Just imagine our economy in its current state … people are truly suffering, so they will take APC’s money quite alright, but will vote for other candidates. Osun was an example!

4) Buhari’s body language: Believe it or not, Buhari has taken a “siddon-look” position, just like he did in the presidential primary. Forget that he was in Jos, have you seen him at any other rally? Baba would rather he leave office as the clean man that he is than let Tinibu’s fraudulent ordour rub-off on him.

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