Free Speech: Deborah, Adamu Aminu And Aisha Buhari

Deborah, Adamu Aminu And Aisha Buhari

There’s a case of free speech, and also a case of desire to free speech.

In my case, Adamu Aminu has the right to say what he wants. And in no disguise is it a crime until what he said his being done by him.

Some court might read it as incitement (a call for unrest)

The Adamu case is a Clarion call for three subject.

While one part sees it as justice for Deborah.

The second part view it a shaken ground, cause trying to fight for freedom of speech will end up releasing someone whom is still held on the ground of killing Deborah.

The third refuse to be deterred, they insist on freedom of speech.

Well let’s go this road between the three of them.

Deborah, she wasn’t allowed the freedom of speech enshrined in the constitution. No freedom to express her say and no police to find out what she really said, no lawyer to confirm and defend her from the herds of judges, which are the people who mock her.

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Deborah herself was denied the freedom to speech, and no consideration or recognition of time to defend.

Adamu Aminu
Adamu now express is speech in mockery of Deborah, he was praised to the above, he was given accolades.
He speech was shared not minding that in a sane country. A case involving murder of a human being is not taken for granted. Nevertheless he had the chance of freedom of speech.

Boom he gave his opinion on Aisha Buhari, a judgement of his own.

Aisha Buhari
One can’t confirm what grab her attention to Adamu Aminu. But it’s glare to the public that now freedom of speech his becoming an issue.

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The case leaves many in dilemma, are we to fight for Adamu. But the true case is That Adamu never respected the right of Deborah on her right on freedom of speech.
Worst he found himself in such case where his freedom of speech is not respected. But luckily enough for him, he his still alive.

To the millions confused on the case (to avoid an escalation)
It’s difficult to protest for one whom never respected the freedom of another.

My final verdict, to solve this to it’s root.

Is to fight for freedom of speech, which also Deborah was a victim. The killer’s of Deborah has to be sentenced to death ( the people who burnt her body).

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Adamu Aminu has to be compensated for invading of his right to freedom of speech.

Aisha Buhari must be made to pay for all damages for trespassing

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