2023: Weak men using Senator Uche Ekwunife as campaign tool, shameful!

2023: Weak men using Senator Uche Ekwunife as campaign tool, shameful!

By Uju Onwuta

The political situation in Anambra Central senatorial district has completely swallowed Chief Victor Umeh, Hon Dozie Nwankwo and others as their only visible campaign point as it stands is dishing out fallacious messages and fake news against the hardworking Chairman Senate Committee on Science and Technology, Distinguished Senator Uche Ekwunife.

The people of Anambra Central have observed with dismay several articles emanating from the camps of these confused opportunists whose primary objectives is to vilify the only voice of Anambra Central in the 9th Assembly due to envy and fear of palpable defeat at the ballot.

These men are so lost, entangled with fairy tales and cheap blackmail that they find it difficult to secure the leadership of any sensitive committee needed to impact their constituents positively, hence they usually serve as stooges in the national assembly.

Although most people know the antics of these politically displaced candidates (PDCs), it is important to clarify that they are only desperate to become senators and settle for just about any position and continue deceiving the people to give them some time to settle down, while Ekwunife works round the clock without such flimsy excuses.

Ndi Anambra Central ibem, it is on record that Chief Victor Umeh never contested for intraparty elections in APGA, rather he takes it by force and once bought his way to the Senate during the regime of Governor Willie Obiano. Now that Governor Chukwuma Soludo insisted on a level playing ground he lost to Hon Dozie Nwankwo, abandoned his idol Ojukwu and ran to Labour Party.

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The question remains; when did Ojukwu offend Victor Umeh who has consistently used his image to deceive Ndi Anambra over the years? How can a man who called Peter Obi thief and mobilized touts to protest against him at the airport begin to love him now if not for an ulterior motive? Indeed no matter how much a snake sheds skin, it’s still a snake.

If Victor was as good as he claims, why did he settle for deputy position of Senate Committee on Labour in the 8th Assembly, having manipulated his way cunningly through the court to displace Senator Ekwunife who was by then Chairman Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream? A position that could raise and empower more Anambrarians if not for his selfish interest.

Since Umeh was practically unproductive throughout his stay in the Senate, why on earth is he fighting tooth and nail to go back there and continue with his abysmal performance? Imagine considering someone dumped by the party he often use to blackmail others.

People who have nothing to show after wasting their constituency time and mandate for eight years have absolutely nothing to offer if given another opportunity. The woman they are fighting is the only Senator in the State who presently occupies chairmanship position in the National Assembly.

Senator Uche Ekwunife was the Chairman House Committee on Environment when she was in the House of Representatives; a fit which seems somewhat herculean for the storytelling legislators that want to go to the Red Chambers without requisite credentials.

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Her scorecard at the HoR was exceptionally transformational as she coordinated so many empowerment schemes, sponsored Bills and Motions that facilitated aggressive development of her constituency, especially in road infrastructure. Unfortunately Hon Dozie Nwankwo who succeeded her could not meet up with constituency development as much as she did.

One however wonders what Dozie Nwankwo is looking for in the Senate, when his scorecard at the Federal House is nothing to write home about.

As a woman who knows how difficult it is for us to break through politically, I hereby challenge these politically displaced candidates to start campaigning with the programs they have anchored, schemes they have been funding, ongoing projects and projects delivered, not distracting and denigrating a woman with excess grace of God. Anambrarians are already tired of cock and bull stories from these seasonal political opportunists, so they should consider a different strategy.

I can only caution but will not force them to stop fanning the embers of disunity between Obi and Ekwunife. Both of these two exemplary leaders are our own and whatever position they get irrespective of political affiliation comes to us whom they represent.

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They should be allowed to push their campaigns democratically so that our people’s voice would be heard in PDP, APC, LP, APGA and other political parties that wins at any level because democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people; not for any specific political party.

Typical example of what Umeh is capable of was how he collected monies from aspirants for Council polls during his 13 years reign of dictatorship as APGA National Chairman, yet traded tickets of candidates to the highest bidders for selfish reasons. Many of the candidates went to court but were frustrated by the powers that be. Many people affected are waiting for him in February because political scores must be settled politically.

Finally, let me assure Anambrarians that Umeh could have been worse than this if he was given APGA ticket on a platter of gold as usual. By now he would be dancing on top of Ikemba’s grave on a daily basis and calling Obi out to leave Labour Party or face the wrath of the ancestors. Anyone who believes anything Umeh says is taking unnecessary risk because he is not and can never be reliable.

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