Enugu 2023: PDP Your Time’s Up, Enough Is Enough

Enugu 2023: PDP Your Time's Up, Enough Is Enough

Goebbelisation – The evil art of mass-producing lies to kill the truth.

As the reality of the impending rejection by the people of Enugu at the 2023 polls begins to dawn on the Enugu PDP, the propaganda machinery of the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Peter Mbah has gone into overdrive with a Goebbel plan – an intensive propaganda campaign mimicking the infamous Nazi propagandist, Josef Goebbels who famously said “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself”

Consumers of news have noticed the massive upsurge in almost a second by second claims of phantom endorsements of Peter Mbah by shadow groups and the strenuous efforts to create new narratives ‘on the go’.

The last seven and half years of the Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi-led PDP administration in Enugu state is a categorical disaster and albatross to the party and their candidates, especially Peter Mbah who is still struggling to push his own tainted mandate past his throat.

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In the past 7years, Enugu has become a shadow of itself – the modern sanitation and transportation system put in place by former Governor Sullivan Chime which brought an influx of tourists and leisure seekers into Enugu has become extinct. Enugu is today one of the dirtiest states in the country.

Under the PDP, Enugu has become the 3rd poorest state in the country in terms of GDP and 60% (2.6 million out of the state’s population of approx 5 million) of the citizens are poor according to BudgIT and NBS, respectively.

Enugu owes 69 billion Naira domestically and another $124 million, making us the 20th most indebted state in Nigeria. A gubernatorial candidate of an opposition party alleges that the PDP administration has finalised plans to illegally take additional loans of 30 billion Naira before the end of their administration.

Roads, transportation, environment have all suffered neglect, making both human and vehicular traffic, extremely difficult and expensive. We have IDP camps springing up in different parts of the State due to attacks on entire communities and food insecurity has equally reached an all-time high. Yet, we have a sitting Governor whose abiding interest is anything else he can grab from the State’s coffers before he leaves.

PDP’s Ugwuanyi is a serial land grabber. Under no other administration has the land use act been abused with such reckless abandon and mismanaged for personal benefit. The administration is known to instigate conflicts in communities and amongst families in order to acquire lands in dispute. About 5000 petitions and court cases are currently pending with various security agencies and before courts within and outside the state.

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The time is up for Enugu PDP. The political class and the citizens are determined to remind Ugwuanyi and his co-travellers in the PDP that power belongs to the people and that it is not the place of one man who confessed to receiving payment for the PDP guber ticket to pick and impose one man on the entire state.

While Peter Mbah and his Goebbel crew learned Josef’s primary propaganda lesson, repeating lies to burnish their image and confuse people, they failed to take in the most important lesson of all, “There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will again triumph.”

The time has come. The people of Enugu have woken up and the truth of the devastation and impoverishment of the past seven and half years under the PDP administration will be severely punished in 2023.

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Chinedu Onah.

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