Employment of 5000 Teachers – Soludo’s Deft Move

Employment of 5000 Teachers – Soludo's Deft Move

By: Paul Nwosu

Apart from the clear demonstration of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s determination to prioritizing human capital development through the unprecedented employment of a whopping 5000 teachers in one fell swoop, he has also through this action shown that he is a politician in a different class.

Beyond the outpour of public euphoria that greeted his getting this quantum of people out of the unemployment market and insisting that they be paid the December salary, along with N5000 transport fare each, he has recorded an even greater political milestone that only the initiated can discern.

The historic event that took place on Friday, December 2, goes beyond the employment of teachers. Aside from providing a sustainable means of dignified livelihood for his people, he has just conscientized that lot about what an APGA government is capable of doing, and in the process endeared them to his Party. What greater political campaign can this be!

Governor Soludo has simply changed the rule of the game with the deft trump card he pulled on Friday. Unlike the regular politicians who would offer spurious promises and handouts to youths from one campaign season to the another, Governor Soludo has plainly proven that it’s better to teach people how to fish for themselves instead of giving them fish. The animated ovation, song and dance, tears of joy and even prayers that rented the air conveyed the significance of what had taken place. And it was obvious that the excitement resonated beyond the International Convention Centre, Awka where the event held.

So, those whose political antennas are quite high immediately saw beyond what happened on that fateful Friday. These newly employed teachers are from various homes. They have parents, wives, husbands, siblings, etc. Chances are that a good percentage of their relatives are bound to be bitten by the same euphoric bug. A good number of them who were not APGAans are likely to begin to see things differently. With this act alone, Governor Soludo has adroitly won for the Party far more than the teachers he handed employment letters on Friday. That is politics of human capital development and not the fleeting politics of “handout” that comes once in every election cycle.

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Interestingly, Mr. Governor has assured that this is not the end. Like he would often say: “Chelu nu. Anyi n’abia (Just wait; we’re coming. You ain’t seen nothing). Ndi Anambra should expect more of these groundbreaking policies that will positively impact them and their environment in a sustainable manner.

Anambra State must be a liveable, pleasurable and prosperous place.

Watch out for more on “Politics of Development”.

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