Marriage Is A Scam, But….. – Pere

Marriage Is A Scam, But..... - Pere

Former Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, Pere Egbi aka the General has ‘raised dust’ with a recent assertion.

Egbi on Thursday asserted that marriage is a scam but argued the reverse is the case for love.

In tweets that followed after, the 36-year-old media personality referenced the Bible, explaining there won’t be anything like husband or wife in heaven.

He said: “Marriage is a scam!”

“Slide in my DM real quick. Getting married ain’t a problem. Staying married is”, said Pere in response to Sabi Radio for the offer of a wife.

It wrote: “Pere I have somebody you will like. You will marry IJN.”

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Tackling him, one Rennetta said: “The issue has to do with people’s attitude in the marriage, not the marriage itself.”

In response, the reality TV star stated: “Everyone has a bad attitude? Seems like it is cos the marriages we admire most are the ones breaking. I mean even Paul advised the unmarried to stay single! (1 Cor 7:8).”

Another Twitter user, Omotayo of Lagos wrote: “Na mumu dey marry,” which Egbi retweeted accompanied with the multiple pinned emoji.

In the following tweets, the model reiterated his opinion that marriage is a scam but love isn’t

“The same ones shouting “it’s not” are the same ones who believe there’s a “right person” for you! No there isn’t. There are “compatible” persons for everyone tho. It’s still a scam. Why marry only to end up in divorce and be single all over again?

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“In Heaven, you won’t have a wife or husband for the rest of eternity! Love isn’t a scam tho”, he added.

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