2023: Why we need to return Ofor Chukwuegbo to the Green Chambers…

2023: Why we need to return Ofor Chukwuegbo to the Green Chambers…

By Prince-will Ugwu

Since the inception of the current democratic dispensation in Nigeria, several political leaders have represented the good people of Enugu North and South Federal Constituency, but there is this overwhelming acknowledgment by all and sundry that Hon. Ofor has distinguished himself in the way and manner he adverted himself to the yearnings of his people.

Put succinctly, there is a great wall of difference between Rt. Hon. Prince Ofor Chukwuegbo’s representation and those of others.

Some of his legacy projects bear eloquent testimony to this assertion.

The Amechi Uwani born Prince has continued to wow the masses with his outstanding performance in the area of provision of critical infrastructure, human capital development, demonstration of legislative capacity, love for party and loyalty, and masses-oriented representation.

The most endearing quality of this great human being is his unrivalled humility and the way he selflessly relates with his constituents. In short, Ofor is everyone’s man!

Ngwo people, ndi Ogui Nike of Enugu North LGA, etc, all have only good testimonials for Ofor!

Laying solid foundation for academic excellence through construction of classroom blocks for school children has become synonymous with Ofor Chukwuegbo! He does that all the time and for all parts of his constituency, including the aforementioned.

He has done same for people of Obeagu Awkunanaw, Amechi Uno, Akwuke Awkunanaw and his community, as sighted at Amechi Uwani Central school, Amechi Uwani Holy Angels at St. Jude Catholic Church, Central School Akwuke and other Primary Schools within his constituency!

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Even though Ofor is a Legislator and not an Executive office holder, he has attracted several infrastructural development projects across board in his constituency. With the construction of Nfaji-Ndafuafa Road for Ugwuaji people, on-going construction of Obeagu Uno Road, Construction of Meniru Road, on-going construction of Akwuke Road, construction of ugwuaji-Ndiagu Amechi Road, Rehabilitation of Eke-Otu-Ayo Station Road and others.

As a show of his commitment to Women & Youth Empowerment, over one thousand youths and women have benefited from numerous training and empowerment programs he delivered to his constituents throughout his term at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly.

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He also went further to Empower more than 25 Constituents with one million naira(#1,000,000) Business Support Grant each to aid the group of thier various businesses. No wonder Enugu North and South Constituency remains the business hub of Enugu State and has expanded over the last four years, attracting both local and foreign investors across board.

Rt. Hon. Prince Ofor Chukwuegbo has recently been addressed as “Oji federal Jobs eme ogo”, a title his widespread job attraction from state & federal parastatals to our women and youths of Enugu North/South federal Constituency earned him. The records are there, nwoke bu Abuja kwesiri!

For young persons who have not been able to secure jobs or a stable business, he shared over 20 Tricycles to them inorder to aid the feeding and needs of thier various families.

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Should we forget how many students under his scholarship scheme? Ofcourse not! School Fees of many of our Youths and children in Enugu North/South Federal Constituency have been shouldered by Rt. Hon. Prince Ofor Chukwuegbo, for years.

Unfortunately, due to our ‘Oliver twist’ mentality, and Ofor not being the publicity hugging type, we hardly hear about all these things he has done!

That is probably why sometimes, we focus more on the ones he is yet to do but at this point, we need to support, pray and vote for Rt. Hon. Prince Ofor Chukwuegbo to return back to the National Assembly to continue from where he stopped. To whom much is given, much is expected. Rt. Hon. Prince Ofor Gregory Chukwuegbo is a perfect match for our representative yearnings!

Ndi-Enugu, Ofor ka anyi ji aga Abuja 2023 because Tomorrow is Here!🇮🇹✅

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