Lagos vs Anambra Under Tinubu And Peter Obi: A Comparative Analysis

Lagos vs Anambra Under Tinubu And Peter Obi: A Comparative Analysis

Comparing development in Lagos to Anambra is not just silly but an insult to Lagos State. This is because;

1. Lagos has been in existence for centuries while Anambra came into existence in 1996

2. Lagos had been developed long before independence

3. Lagos was the capital of Nigeria for so many decades. The colonial masters even lived and used Lagos as capital. Anambra is just a baby. It has never been the capital of Nigeria before. Lagos should not even be compared to Abuja not to talk of Anambra or any other state in Nigeria.

At this point, it is crystal clear why comparing the development of Lagos to that of Anambra is not just infantile but insensible. The sensible comparison to do, is to compare the tenures of Peter Obi and Tinubu. They were both governors and both spent 8yrs on that saddle

Comparison of Peter Obi & Tinubu as governors. If not that Lagos is being mismanaged by a godfather & his gang, it should be competing with Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg, Paris etc not Anambra.

Financial Management: Peter Obi didn’t borrow. He didn’t leave any debt. Rather, he left a 75B savings.
Tinubu left a debt of 250B despite humongous IGR generated every month

Education: Peter Obi moved his state from 36th to 1st position in Nigeria. Tinubu couldn’t achieve such feat as governor

Corruption: Peter Obi didn’t steal a dime as governor. But for Tinubu, everybody knows his story when it comes to corruption. He is still ripping his state even though he is no longer in power

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SDG: PO was ranked as the best governor on SDGs implementation in Nigeria

Award of Excellence: Peter Obi was nominated as the best Governor in Nigeria. This was due to his outstanding performance in office. Tinubu never got such award till date

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