Stop Attacking Soludo, Face Your Ministry, Chinedu Obigwe Tells Ebube Muonso

Ebube Muonso soludo

The National Coordinator of All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA) Media Warriors Forum, Chinedu Obigwe, has described Reverend Father Emmanuel Obimma, known as Ebube Muonso, as as a priest who has abandoned is calling for politics.

Obigwe stated this in a statement made available to our correspondent on Tuesday.

Ebube Muonso is the founder and head of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry in Anambra State.

Reacting to the priest’s unpleasant comment on the Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo , Obigwe said Ebube Muonso did not have the moral justification to cast aspersion on Soludo.

Obigwe’s statement read in part, “An adage says that when a king errs, the king subjects will cover their face with baskets to tell him that he erred.

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“Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma is now turning to a political priest. He has obviously left his calling as a priest to dabble into politics.

“It’s bad for Ebube Muonso to feign ignorance of Governor Soludo commendable efforts on the security sector. I say it boldly that he lied against Governor Soludo because it is a public knowledge to everyone that the Governor made public announcement exempting barrow pushers and hawkers from any form of taxation and anybody collecting money from those class of people is a criminal.

“Ebube Muonso obviously spoke like a motor park tout on his pulpit and not as a responsible priest.

“With the way he is attacking Governor Soludo always on his pulpit, it has shown that he was not happy that Governor Soludo defeated Andy Uba his anointed candidate in the last Anambra governorship election.

“Ebube Muonso decision to dance naked on the political arena is a disgrace to his calling as a priest. He desecrated the altar of God by speaking like a motor park tout on the pulpit.

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Obigwe added, “Romans 13 vs 1 admonished we humans to respect the person in a position of authority and for Ebube Muonso not to accord Governor Soludo that respect is tantamount to him disobeying the teaching of God.

“Governor Soludo has done well in the security sector and other sectors of governance.It’s only a witch that will feign ignorance of the good work Governor Soludo is doing in our beloved state.

“This is a Governor that has created over 10 thousand employment for ndi Anambra, a Governor that is executing 250km Road projects across Anambra State, a Governor that reduced the cost of governance in our State, a Governor that is working hard to provide 24 hours electricity for ndi Anambra, a Governor whose mission is to turn Anambra into a liveable and prosperous homeland.

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“The truth remains that Governor Soludo is living up to the expectation of Anambra electorates that reposed confidence in him and they will continue giving him overwhelming support to complete his divine mission in our beloved State.”

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    1. Truth is like light which no one can hide or avoid for too long. And whenever a true prophet or ordained minister of God says something,its should be respected and take so serious as well. Because what they see spiritually, many of us can’t comprehend it physically. So, What Fr Emmanuel Obimma (Ebube muonso) has said about our state is not out of place. If you actually look critically to the happenings within Anambra state, and you are an honest person, you can testify to that as well. Please dear Mr poster kindly let the Man of God be and focus on the reality. Keep living higher and More unction to function always Daddy Emmanuel Obimma (Ebube muonso)

  1. To be honest Fr. Ebube Muonso is saying nothing but the truth.
    I for one have never heard any good comment about the man you called your Governor, people are suffering. So what’s bad about what Fr. Ebube Muonso said. Let’s stop hiding the truth that is what is killing Nigerians.

  2. Only we the good citizens of Nigeria will help our country move forward by saying the truth. Now that the priest of God has decided to speak for his people, he’s been accused of dancing to politics.

    Well I for one never heard any good comment in public places, busses and in hospitals about the Governor in question. When we are ready to help our country, then God will help us.

    1. Mr Obigwe ,
      Rev Father Emmanuel Obimma Ebubemuonso
      Has spoken the minds of billions of people and they people are behind him.
      He spoke the truth and even God confirmed by President Obasanjo wrote & endorsed PO on the 1st of January .
      If you read your Bible well, you would have seen where many prophets admonished many kings even David .
      Instead of your Government to bury your head in shame , You are still talking ?
      Where is the so called security? , Obosi PG was gunned down broad daylight .
      Can you use a good car right now in Anambra state .
      What of all the Taxes?
      Anyway People know the truth .

  3. Me Obigwe, The prophets in the Bible were speaking against Evil and they were the voices of the people.
    Fr Ebubemuonso has not done anything wrong by speaking the truth .
    Instead of your Govermment to retrace your steps and do better .
    You turned around to attack an anointed Man of God.
    Thank God that everybody knows the truth

  4. If speaking on the insecurities and heavy taxes mounted on the poor masses is Fr Ebube Muonso being political then I will gladly applaud him for doing a good job. Your incompetence is what made you draft this statement instead of talking his advice and working on it to make our state better

  5. Mr defender!! the truth is that you’re ignoring all the things that has been happening in Anambra state. Father Ebube is only saying the truth and the truth shall set you free. As a priest of God he has every right to tell the Governor the truth!! The same Gov. Soludo came to him for support and prayer during his campaign now he failed to do his work, insecurity everywhere, Ndi agboro here and there. All the priest said was just the truth, he wouldn’t sit down and watch his children suffer. You are condemning him because he spoke the truth Nawaoooo truth is bitter they said, if only you will be very honest with yourself and your conscience, you know that the governor needs to sit up and listen to the cries of its citizens.

  6. Governor has really failed ndi Anambra,, poor masses are shedding tears on daily basis,, insecurities everywhere,, heavy taxation. And if Fr. Ebube Muonso did not stand in the gap for us,, who else will?? He is not attacking the governor rather He is remanding him, his supposed duties. The governor is not getting it right at all,, let’s call a spade a spade…

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