Lagos worker jailed two years for stealing tiles


Humani Adamu, 38, was given a two-year jail sentence by a Yaba Magistrates’ Court for stealing tiles and paint buckets from his boss, Emmanuel Ugwu. Humani Adamu had been an employee of Emmanuel Ugwu for several years, but financial difficulties had forced him to take desperate measures.

Adamu, who was charged with one count of theft, is accused of stealing and selling 221 tiles and 10 drums of paint that were in his care. At the sentencing, Adamu expressed regret and remorse for his actions, claiming he was only trying to provide for himself and his family

Initially entering a not-guilty plea to the charge, the defendant eventually altered his plea during the course of the trial. The court considered his guilty plea and sentenced Adamu to a two-year jail term. The prosecution, led by Inspector Godwin Oriabure, claimed that the defendant was apprehended by the police on July 3, 2022, at about 2 p.m., following a formal complaint from his employer to the police. The prosecution’s case was established without a trace of doubt, according to the presiding magistrate, Mrs. S.A. Salawu.

She then imposed a two-year jail term on the defendant, noting that it would begin the day after his arraignment. Adamu was found guilty of fraud and deceit, and the court ordered him to serve a two-year jail term The magistrate also ordered the defendant to pay restitution to his employer, who had been duped out of a considerable sum of money by the defendant. Adamu’s lawyer did not oppose the sentence, arguing that it was fair and appropriate in light of the facts and the evidence presented at trial. The verdict was welcomed by the prosecution and the court, as it was seen to be a just and reasonable punishment for the offense

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