PRESIDENCY: Ten Reasons Tinubu Can’t Win

PRESIDENCY: Ten Reasons Tinubu Can't Win

1. APC has the main PCC which comprises of the governors and APC leaders and led by Buhari.

2. APC has a Women PCC, made of wives of the movers and shakers in the main PCC.

3. APC has an independent PCC made of young people in politics and other politicians with influence but with limited reach like FFK and Adamu Garba.

4. APC has a Young Statesmen PCC made of first sons and powerful daughters of the main PPC members.

Tinubu is intelligent and he is running through best campaign so far. Sadly he will lose because of these things:

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1. Moslem Moslem ticket is devilish.

2. Shettima is a hard sell for moderate Nigerians.

3. Peter Obi already cornered the most sophisticated and educated section of the population.

4. He is competing with two powerful Northerners for Northern votes while PO almost has the South and Christian votes to himself.

5. APC is a hard sell in the country now, especially in the North.

6. Tinubu is the only candidate that can’t beat his chest of having a full region behind him.

7. The BVAS and new electoral law will minimize election rigging.

8. South West and NC are the only region that don’t give bloc votes and PO is strong is both regions.

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9. Most Nigerians see Tinubu as a thief and drug lord.

10. Most Northerners see Tinubu as a fake Moslem.

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