Desperate politicians will always buy PVCs – Kaduna PDP

Desperate politicians will always buy PVCs – Kaduna PDP

The spokesperson for the PDP Gubernatorial Campaign Council in Kaduna State, Reuben Buhari, exonerated his party from the recent PVC buying alleged to be carried out by some political parties in order to win the coming general election. Buhari said his party is bank- ing on its popularity and is sure of winning the election. “We heard that some po- liticans are buying PVCs. A woman came to tell us what was going on but we are not involved. Only those desper- ate to win at all costs are involved in this.

“Honestly, I don’t think they will succeed because INEC has said they are wasting their time,” he said.
PDP, APC deny vote buying in Sokoto
In Sokoto State, the ruling PDP and its major opposition, the APC, denied buying of PVCs from members of the public.

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The spokesman of the PDP in the state, Hassan Shahabi Sanyinnawal, said the party was not interested in the buying of PVCs from prospective voters.

Sanyinnawal said the party believed in campaigning for elections rather than acquiring votes through the back door.

He said: “You will recall that even the governor, during our campaign trip to one of the local governments in the state, advised the people of the state not to trade their PVCs for anything.”

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