The Story Of Peter Obi Supporter Attacked By Gunmen Is Fake News

The Story Of Peter Obi Supporter Attacked By Gunmen Is Fake News

For the past 48hours, there is this trending video of a man that was acclaimed to be a Peter Obi Supporter that was attacked by Gunmen.

Here is a rebuttal that the claim is fake and the purported video is even ‘staged’.

According to the video, the man was asked whose face is on the T-shirt he was wearing and he claimed it was Peter Obi.

He even went further to claim that he’s a Peter Obi Supporter.

The supposed “Gunmen” even went as far as asking the man what Peter Obi has done for him and he claimed nothing.

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But taking a closer look on the imprint on the cloth, it turned that members of the opposition PDP has taken this misinformation thing to another level in a bid to make it look like Peter Obi supporters are endangered.

According to the man, he’s a Supporter of Peter Obi, but if you take a look at the imprint on the polo, you will see that the person is not Peter Obi nor his running mate.

Infact, Mbah is bodly written on the Polo.

Peter Mbah is the Gubernatorial Candidate of the PDP in Enugu State and he’s in no way related nor resemble Peter Obi.

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