I Have Over 30 Police Officers In My Family – Police PRO

I Have Over 30 Police Officers In My Family – Police PRO

The Public Relations officer of the Nigerian Police Force, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi has continued to glorify the Police profession even as some Nigerians do not share the same view about the Police with him.

Recently, the Police officer drew the attention of the Public to a video showing a Nigerian man discouraging his daughter not to ever think of becoming a police officer, as he projected the profession in bad image.

Reacting to the video, Prince Olumuyiwa warned people to stop giving the institution a bad image, especially before young children who may grow up to nurture the hatred for the Police.

While reacting to a question if he would like his children to become Police officers, the Police PRO said that his children loves the profession because of the way he projected it to them through his smart Police uniform and other things.

He said that he is proud to be a Police officer and that he has over 30 Police officers in his extended family. He said that both his wife and his brother’s wife are Police officers and that he loves his profession.

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The Police officer said: “I am a police officer, my wife is a senior police officer, my elder brother is a senior ACP, my brother’s wife is a CSP, and my cousins are officers, even in my extended family, I have more than 30 officers, and we are all blessed. No regret. As I speak with you, my kids love police because they love my uniforms, shoes, and my turn out.

“Many of my kinsmen love police because of the way we project NPF. So I can say it that I am a blessed and pleased Police officer with a swag. I am a proud one. If you hate the police, you are free to do, but don’t portray us bad, evil or satanic, and don’t plant that seed in your kids, because many of them will still relate with you in no distant future, they will even marry police officers.”

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