Duncan Mighty New Appearance Photos Will Make You Cry 😢 😭

Duncan Mighty

Duncan Mighty, the popular Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer, has recently been the subject of much discussion on social media due to his new appearance.

Duncan Mighty New Appearance Photos Will Make You Cry 😢 😭

Fans have been speculating about the reasons behind his changed appearance, with some suggesting that it may be the result of excessive drug use, while others believe he may be recovering from an illness.

The conversations around Duncan Mighty’s new look seem to have begun after a recent show he performed in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State.

Duncan Mighty New Appearance Photos Will Make You Cry 😢 😭

However, the singer has previously spoken about his health struggles, and in 2021 he took to his verified Instagram page to claim that he had been poisoned by his estranged wife, Vivian.

In the statement, Duncan Mighty wrote:

“Vivian nwakanma and her family you’ve not started running yet if you like run to the moon the wrath of GOD must hunt you people you poisoned my food and bathing water for 2years and 11months but GOD ALMIGHTY stood by me.”

While the exact reason behind Duncan Mighty’s changed appearance is not yet known, it is clear that the singer has been through a difficult period in his life. Fans have expressed their concern and support for the Port Harcourt 1st Son crooner, and it will be interesting to see how he continues to recover and evolve as an artist.

It’s unfortunate to see a talented artist going through such a tough time and we hope he recovers soon. We hope that the truth behind the situation comes to light and justice is served.

Guys, what’s your thoughts on this?

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