Even those who won’t vote for me, I have no reason to hate them – Tinubu

Even those who won't vote for me, I have no reason to hate them - Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has urged the people of Anambra State to ensure they vote in who they are sure will have their interest at heart as president in next month’s election, adding that the people must reject candidates who preach hatred and bigotry.

Speaking in Awka, capital of Anambra State on Tuesday, the APC presidential candidate said though the Labour Party Presidential Candidate is from Anambra State, the people of the state themselves can judge his administration and how he failed to bring meaningful development to the state in the name of saving funds.

Tinubu said while Obi is banking on Anambra votes just because he is from the state, his time as Lagos State governor showed that he is a detribalised Nigerian who doesn’t judge people based on their tribe or religion.

He said, “Reject the darkness of bigotry and hate. Reject those who think they are so superior to you that they think the public’s money is to be spent on themselves or to hidden away in some distant land instead of investing it to improve the daily wellbeing of the people.

“This election is not some popularity contest. This is not big brother Nigeria. This election is about who can make Nigeria bigger, greater and stronger by leading and treating each other as brothers.

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“Look, I know there are some people who will not vote for me. They don’t like the progressive and good things I stand for and it is their democratic right to oppose me. Even with that, I still love them because they are Nigerians and that makes them my own even if they try to disown me.

“If I did not see all Nigerians as my family and my people, I would not have selected your dear brother, Mr. Ben Akabueze to be my Commissioner of Budget and Planning when I was governor of Lagos. He is now doing an excellent job as the DG of the federal government’s Budget Office.

“I cannot hate a person because of their place birth or because of the tribe or religion into which they were born. God does not give us the right to be so cruel and mean to our fellow man. I dare not judge a person by the origin of their last name. I would rather look into the quality of their character and their ability to help govern the nation with love, compassion and fairness.”

The APC flagbearer said his administration’s focus is to create jobs for Nigerians in large numbers by massively industrialising the country and ensuring everyone has an improved daily living and defeat poverty.

“My policies call for the creation of industrial hubs that will provide jobs and skills that last a lifetime. These hubs will also manufacture goods that improve our standard of living and earn precious foreign reserves by exporting them.

“The creation of jobs and the manufacturing of affordable domestic consumer goods for those who live here in Awka and in other southeastern cities will improve your daily lives. It will defeat poverty and give everyone the chance to be able to buy the food and essential things their families need yet still have some money left over.

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“My government will create agricultural hubs as well that will offer more and better paying employment while also producing more food for our kitchen tables,” he added.

Speaking further, he promised to reform the education sector, merging innate talents with building skills, to ensure competitiveness and in demand in tomorrow’s job market.

Speaking further on his achievements as Lagos State governor, Tinubu said, “I know I can do these things because I made similar progress when governor of Lagos. Meanwhile, one of my opponents is a former governor of your state. But he does not live among you. He lives in Lagos.

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“I live in Lagos because I am pleased with the progress we made in turning Lagos into one of Africa’s biggest economies. My opponent however, refuses to live among you because he feels guilty for not giving you the development and growth you deserved from him.

“Mr. Stingy refused to use the state’s money to help its people. He sacrificed your welfare and wellbeing so that he can boast that he saved money. But what good is saving money if you refuse to save your own people.

“That type of man is a danger to those unfortunate enough to be subject to his misrule. Such a man was ill equipped to be your governor. Do not make him your president.

“Instead, let the light of this nation shine on the progressive path we set before you.”

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