Enugu Youths Angrily Storm Fuel Station Selling For N450 Per Litre

Enugu Youths Angrily Storm Fuel Station Selling For N450 Per Litre

Some angry youths in Enugu have blocked Major roads leading to a fuel station selling for N450 per liter in the state to protest

It is no gainsaying that Two major issues currently confronting Nigerians are the scarcity of the naira notes and the scarcity of fuel

The issue of the fuel has been lingering for a while as Nigerians are still waiting to be officially told the reason behind it. Many have alleged to have been buying fuel at different rates in different parts of the country.

As if that wasn’t enough, the scarcity of naira notes came to add to the issue on the ground and several protests in several areas across the nation have been staged

However, a video of some youths in Enugu who took to the streets in the state has surfaced online

The youths precisely stormed the area of a fuel station alleged to have hiked the price of fuel.

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According to one of the youths who spoke in the viral video, he said the fuel station has been selling for N450 per liter and that has dealt a major blow to residents in the state

In the viral video, many of the youths blocked the roads with various vehicles and were lamenting the hardship they have been subjected to

One of them said “The ‘Keke’ and Cars have blocked the highway refusing everyone to pass. This is because ATM is charging too much, and the Fuel is charging too much. Everyone is saying the price of fuel should be reduced else everywhere will be shut down. Fuel is 450 in Enugu and everyone is protesting about it”

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