Why you should stop sleeping on the left side of your body

Why you should stop sleeping on the left side of your body

Many people don’t give their sleeping arrangements much thought. Not only is it crucial to have good sleep at night, but it’s also important to consider your sleeping position. If you already have cardiac issues, you might be unsure of whether it’s best to sleep on your back, left side, or right side.

Every position seems to have its advantages or disadvantages, you have a choice to select the one that suits you the most. However, due to cogent reasons, medical researchers have encouraged people to stop sleeping on their left side. In this article, I’ll like to educate you on why you should stop sleeping on your left side according to Healthline.

1. Your heart experiences more pressure as a result. After studies on the effects of sleeping on your left side were conducted, it was shown that this position could put strain on your heart and how it works while you’re asleep.

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2. In contrast to people who slept on their right, the electrical activities of the heart were also noticeably altered after an electrocardiogram (ECG) was used to measure. People who already have heart issues may be harmed by this, while those who don’t may not develop heart disease as a result.

3. Additionally, sleeping on your left side may cause your heart to flutter and turn while you’re asleep due to changes in electrical activity. Additional study is still required.

Take away

You should speak to your doctor about suitable sleeping positions if you have heart failure or feel discomfort with your current sleeping position

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