Tonto Dikeh’s Fans Donate 400k In Minutes After She Complains About Bank Issues

Tonto Dikeh's Fans Donate 400k In Minutes After She Complains About Bank Issues

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed how being good has helped her get through an unfavourable experience.

Yesterday night, Dikeh took to Instagram to complain about the current situation of the country.

The actress revealed that she had been unable to open her bank app for two days in order to purchase units or diesel, so she had been sleeping without power.

In her words, “For the past 2days I have been unable to open up my Bank app, only this evening my light unit decides to finish. I have tried opening this app for almost 6hours and finally I believe I will be sleeping in the dark today. I can’t buy Unit, I can’t buy diesel. I absolutely can’t even get a hotel!!!! I don’t use or own an ATM. I’m on whole new level of emotional instability RN.”

Minutes after putting up the post, the actress revealed that a lot of people have reached out to offer their assistance.

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Surprised by the turn of events, Dikeh expressed gratitude to them for the love. She wrote, “See it is good to be a good person… I was frustrated and merely just wanted to vent, I spoke about my light situation. In less than 1min I had over 30offers to help me out. From well respectable foundations, to a fan, to brand names. I can’t thank you all enough, You shall never lack. As we speak I have over 400k worth of NEPA from my neighbors and Mr Fekomi. God bless you all. I’m literally in tears. For those of you who asked of I have no friends to help out. I have no friends, and I never ever ask for help. Bad I know but better to be safe than sorry!! Thank you to Everyone. God bless you @fekomi and my hon. Senator. God bless everyone who was willing to render help, you shall never Look for help in this life.”

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