Naja’atu Accuses El-Rufai Of Attempting To Replace Late Abba Kyari As Cabal

Naja'atu Accuses El-Rufai Of Attempting To Replace Late Abba Kyari As Cabal

Naja’atu Mohammed, the former director of the civil society organisation in the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential campaign council, has made a claim against El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State.

Mohammed asserted that El-Rufai once tried to join the Aso Rock cabal in an interview with Arise TV.

Mohammed claims that after the late Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, died, the governor wrote down El-objectives Rufai’s in one of his memoranda.

She stated that El-Rufai is fighting the cabal because they disregarded the governor of Kaduna State.

She urged El-Rufai and other governors chosen on the APC platform to focus on the suffering Nigerian people rather than the election.

Mohammed claimed that they are just fighting the purported cabal for their own personal gain and not the interests of the general public.

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After the passing of the former chief of staff Abba Kyari, she declared, “We shouldn’t forget the El-Rufai memo.

El-Rufai stated that he wanted to take Abba Kyari’s place in the villa’s cabal in the late-delivered memo, and he made every effort to do so. He therefore desired to join the cabal, but they rejected him.

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