Peter Obi: APC Fake Church Letter And Other Propagandas Bursted

Peter obi, apc

APC urchins were spreading two letters yesterday they got from their WhatsApp group, one of the letter was the fake church letter that claimed Peter Obi gave 2 billion to CAN.
A twitter user, Uche Okoye, did his research and found out the address of the Church doesn’t exist.

The other one was shared by Bayo Onanuga, claiming Peter Obi was given a plot of land, which he later deleted after he was bursted

APC and lies, the desperation is real, expect more of it

Bursted Again: So APC cry baby @DOlusegun claimed that churches are fighting over N2bn given to them by Peter Obi.

So I looked up the address of Dominion central International in the letter claiming to be located at plot 35 Okigwe RD, Owerri. It doesn’t exist!

We checked the phone numbers Truecaller: Wisdom Graphics obviously the owner of the shop where they printed the fake letter and Omoba Kenneth Aigbe @AigbeOmoba is an APC member.

And of course, The-Food-Is-Ready Mikano boys have jumped on it.
They think this is 2015, where they operated unchecked.

We need further information the Fake Pastor Frank Onwumere.
If you have his contact, we need to ask him important questions.
Umu Ekperima!

Peter Obi: APC Fake Church Letter And Other Propagandas Bursted
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