Currency Swap: Adamu Garba’s Conflicting Opinion On Tinubu’s Chances 

Currency Swap: Adamu Garba's Conflicting Opinion On Tinubu’s Chances 


No matter how you want to see it, this CBN Naira Redesign introduced within election period is a plot to stop Bola Ahmed Tinubu from becoming the President of Nigeria. How else can you explain this provocative action within this period? How? By Allah, this plot too shall fail!

This election is going in favor of Tinubu no matter the plots, the attacks and the games. It is his time. Insha Allah, insha Allah, as Allah grant’s authority to who so ever He wishes, this time around, the light of Grace to lead this country shines on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

It is very important that Nigerians see this policy as targeted at their freedoms and their markets, not just to a very successful politician like Bola Tinubu. And Nigerian should use this as the main reason why they should vote for Tinubu as a mark of rejection of imposition.


President Muhammadu Buhari will make a national broadcast address later at 7am. A decision point is here. Tune in.

The President graciously extended the old 200 naira notes as legal tender to continue to circulate with the new note for the next 60 days. It is now time to accept the reality, follow and obey the law, respect the verdict of the President and carry on with our economic activities

There’s absolutely no need whatsoever to confront this naira policy again. The 200 naira note extension is within the reach of a common man’s denomination & that’s enough. When you listened to the President’s pain points, any reasonable Nigerian should automatically support him.

@jessetheoracle_ Doesn’t it affect Tinubu’s chances of winning the polls anymore? Silly!

Nothing ever affected Tinubu’s chances of becoming the next President of Nigeria, by God’s Grace.Why APC complained about the policy, initially was because of the plight of the ordinary people. APC cares for the common man. Now that there’s ease. We all rejoice in victory.

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