Omojuwa Reacts To Attack On Pastor Adefarasin On His Refusal To Endorse Anyone

Omojuwa Reacts To Attack On Pastor Adefarasin On His Refusal To Endorse Anyone

Jj. Omojuwa reacts to the attack on Pastor Adefarasin after he released a statement on his twitter account, repudiating the rumour making round that he endorsed the candidate of the Labour party, Peter Obi.

He dismissed the rumour as a ‘mischievous posts and urge is followers not to be swayed’.

Pastor Adefarasin tweet debunking the endorsement rumour:

Friends, in the run-up to the 2023 elections, I implore you not to be swayed by mischievous posts, supposedly from me.

I have come across some random and unauthorized communications making the rounds that have been ‘stitched together’ by unscrupulous individuals who are unaware that by virtue of my office, I must remain non-partisan.

Please note that I will never ask you to cast your vote for a particular candidate. However, I will advise you to be mindful, such that whomever you vote for will set us on our way to a purposeful and prosperous Nigeria.

We will continue to emphasize the need for a leader with the right values, who will prioritize the development and growth of Nigeria and Nigerians. Someone who not only understands the assignment but can truly get the job done.

Most importantly, remember your voting decision is solely yours to make. I only ask that you do so responsibly
(Pastor Adefarasin is the Founder & Senior pastor of the House on the Rock Church)

No one called them to order when they went for Pastor Poju. No one is calling them to order as they mob Pastor Adefarasin’s timeline. Because it’s a design. There are people genuinely scared by this headless mob. Some have pretended to fall in line. The gaps will be apparent soon

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