The Nigeria Labour Congress Endorses Peter Obi

The Nigeria Labour Congress Endorses Peter Obi

Whoop! The NLC has finally endorsed Peter Obi for President. A new Nigeria is PO-ssible.


The Elections are here Support the Labour Party!

21 February 2023

We wish to refer to the resolution of the inaugural meeting of the National Administrative Council (NAC) of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), directing workers and indeed All Nigerians to come out en mass to perforrn their civic duties by voting in the forthcoming elections, and taking decisive steps to safeguard their votes.

The NLC had also urged the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure that the electoral processes are not only transparent and fair, but reflect the wishes of the Nigerian people.

This is a clarion call to all workers and working people that as we approach the final push towards the forthcoming presidential election corne February 25, 2023, we should ensure massive turnout of votes for the success of the Labour Party in line with an earlier resolution of the National Executive Council (NEC).

Towards this end, all Labour Political Committee members in the states are to intensify their work in mobilizing workers and the Nigerian people both at the local, ward and polling units to vote for the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi and all candidates of the Labour Party contesting the elections.

The political committees are also enjoined to work with our allies in civil society organisations and students to take all necessary steps to safeguard the people’s votes by ensuring that the electoral process is transparent, free and fair.

To accornplish these significant tasks to save our democracy, all affiliate unions and State Councils of Congress are to give maximum cooperation and support to the political committees to strengthen their work at the state, local government, wards and polling unit levels by ensuring that they provide at least 10 ward coordinators and canvassers to not only mobilise but defend the peoples votes.

History beckons. This election promises to be the most decisive in our country. It offers an opportunity to transform our political, social and economic policy direction to be peoples-oriented as espoused in the Workers Charter of Demands.

Comrade Chris Uyot
National Secretary, NLC National Political Commission

The Nigeria Labour Congress Endorses Peter Obi
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